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The 4th Album I Got a Boy
The 4th Album I Got a Boy
  • Album Type : Regular
  • Genre : Dance
  • Artists : Girls' Generation
  • Release Date : Jan 01, 2013
  • Record Label : S.M.Entertainment
  • Distribution : KMP HOLDINGS

Album Introduction

Girls’Generation Starts 2013 for the Music World!
Releasing the 4th Full-Length Album, <I Got a Boy>, January 1st!

Girls’Generation is starting the New Year for the music world by releasing the 4th full-length album, ‘I Got a Boy’, January 1, 2013.

This is the new release of Girls’Generation in 1 year after the 3rd full-length album, ‘The Boys’, and all 10 songs in various genres will reward the fans around the world that waited long for their new songs with the great music and performance and also receive fervent responses.

Especially, there is much attention toward Girls’Generation for they proved the popularity and influence as the best girl band true to its name by making a hit out of everything about them from the song to choreography, and fashion style.

Furthermore, the hit makers inside and outside the country from Dsign Music, a team of famous composers in Europe, to Pixie Lott, Joe Belmaati, Young-Jin Yoo, Kenzie, and Chang-Hyeon Park participated in creating this album to enhance the degree of completion, and it also contain songs written by Girls’Generation members, Seo Hyun, Yu Ri, and Soo Young, that it will surely give a chance to enjoy a variety of musical colors of Girls’Generation.

The title song ‘I Got a Boy’ is an electronic dance song that mixes pop, retro, and urban genres. The addictive melody in the chorus is impressive, and the lyric doubles the fun of listening, which is mainly written based on the ‘chatter’ that girls have about everything every day.

Especially, this new style of song was created for Girls’Generation by a dream team comprised of ‘Dsign music’, the a group of famous composers that composed the hit song, 'Genie’, as well as the top composers of Europe including Will Simms and Sarah Lundback, and the composer representing Korea, Young-Jin Yoo, that it is expected to receive explosive responses around the world

Also, ‘Dancing Queen’ which displayed the popularity of Girls’Generation by sweeping various music charts as a prerelease is a remake of ‘Mercy’ sung by Duffy in Girls’ General style, and it presents the mood differentiated from the original as the characterful lyric and dynamic arrangement, and refreshing voice of Girls’Generation members are nicely combined. ‘Talk Talk’ is the Korean version of ‘Boomerang’ which was in the 2nd full-length album released in Japan, and the Korean lyric tells a guy who does not understand a girl’s heart should try to talk to his girl that it gives the feeling different from Japanese version while it has the same melody and arrangement.

‘Baby Maybe’, composed by the popular English singer-songwriter, Pixie Lott, perfectly mixes the lyric written by Soo Young, Yu Ri, and Seo Hyun that expresses the fluttering heart of a girl in love with cheering melody, and ‘XYZ’ with powerful synthesizer pattern is also written by Yu Ri and Seo Hyun that it is also expected to receive great response.

This album also contains ‘Lost in Love’, the duet by Tae Yeon and Tiffany, which compares the moment of the tear in the eyes with ‘Glass’, and it expresses the changes of heart that accepts the breakup with the lover along with the time passes. The rich and moderate voice of Tae Yeon is perfectly matched with the colorful voice of Tiffany.

The album also contains ‘Promise’, the medium tempo ballad with the message from Girls’Generation to their fans, ‘Express 999’, the retro pop combining various genres, ’Look at Me’ which combines organic beat, playful melody, and easy-to-sing-along chorus, and ‘Romantic St.’, a swing jazz style song that reminds listeners of the soft winter with the lyric that depicts the couples on romantic streets and the sweet melody that all 10 songs in various genres are expected to mesmerize the music fans.

Girls’Generation will be appearing in various stages with the title song ‘I Got a Boy.’

Track Information

Track Information


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I Got a Boy

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Dancing Queen

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Baby Maybe

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말해봐 (Talk Talk)

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Express 999

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유리아이 (Lost in Love)

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Look at Me

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낭만길 (Romantic St.)

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