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  • Album Type : Regular
  • Genre : Dance
  • Artists : Girls' Generation
  • Release Date : Nov 01, 2007
  • Record Label : S.M.Entertainment
  • Distribution : S.M.Entertainment

Album Introduction

Girls’ Generation, Releasing the 1st Regular Album with Lee Seung-Chul’s ‘Girls’ Generation’
The wonderful duet of Girls’ Generation leader Tae Yeon and KANGTA, 7989 is another attention getter! 

Girls’ Generation (SM Entertainment) is releasing their first regular album, ‘Girls’ Generation’ on November 1st and taking the wraps off the new songs and stages after hitting the tin pan alley of Korea in 2007 with the Girl-Mania.

Girls’ Generation made their debut with the first single, ‘Into the New World’ on August 2nd and hit the tin pan alley of Korea in no time with the fresh charms of the teenagers and ranked first on the M.Net M Count Down in 2 months, and this time, they will sweep the music fans off their feet once again with much upgraded charms unique to Girls’ Generation and the healthy energy of teenage girls. 
A special combination of the group Girls’ Generation and the masterpiece from the 1980’s ‘Girls’ Generation’ The song ‘Girls’ Generation’ was recreated into a fresh pop dance music in 2007 
‘Girls’ Generation’, the title song of the 1st album of the group, Girls’ Generation, is a song recreated from the masterpiece of Lee Seung-Chul which became a grand hit in 1989. The hit song composer, Kenzie, arranged the song and it got rid of the masculine and rough feelings of the original song and was reborn with the bright and brilliant colors of Girls’ Generation to bring the nostalgia of the 1980’s to those who are in 30s~40s and the charm of the masterpiece beyond ages to 10s~20s, thereby covering broad range of fans.
The song was in everyone’s mouth for having the same name as the group, Girls’ Generation, after they came out, and as much as so, the combination of the best new singer of 2007 and the masterpiece, ‘Girls’ Generation’ will have legs.

Other than the song, ‘Girls’ Generation’, the album also includes ‘Ooh La-La!’ which incorporated the stories of fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White into the lyric and impressive melodies, ‘Kissing You’, a house style dance tune with the sweet lyric sung as if they are whispering love to their boyfriends and created by the hit composer Lee Jae-Myeong, and ‘Baby Baby’, a shy confession of love and a present from Hwang Seong-Je, the composer of BoA’s ‘Atlantis Princess’, to Girls’ Generation, to double the freshness of Girls’ Generation.

Also, you can enjoy the sensitive ballads that were not released with the last single such as ‘Tears’ with the impressive, sweet and lovable vocal and ‘Complete’ with elegant melodies and clear and transparent harmony of the members of the Girls’ Generation in the refrain that gives the comfortable feeling. 
The top star of the Korean Wave and the singer-songwriter, KANGTA, presents ‘7989’ Wonderful duet of the leader of Girls’ Generation, Tae Yeon, and KANGTA 
The special song contributed by the top star of the Korean Wave, KANGTA, ‘7989’ is also drawing attention. This song with medium tempo is filled with KANGTA’s unique sweet melodies and the bright and warm mood that suits the sensitivity of Girls’ Generation, and it was also sung by KANGTA and the leader of Girls’ Generation, Tae Yeon, in a duet creating wonderful harmony and giving charms that you never felt before. The lyric expressed the innermost feelings of a couple with large age gap just as implied in the title in a cute way that it is expected to bring great attention from the music fans.

The first regular album of Girls’ Generation is comprised of total 11 wonderful songs; 9 new songs including the remake, ‘Girls’ Generation’ and other songs in a variety of genres such as dance, ballad and house brought by prominent musicians such as KANGTA, Hwang Seong-Je, Lee Jae-Myeong, and Kenzie, showing a variety of charms of Girls’ Generation to bring out the Girl Mania again among music fans.

Girls’ Generation will join the race to top the music charts through the most desired first stage performance of the title song of their first album, ‘Girls’ Generation’, in the beginning of November. 

Track Information

Track Information


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소녀시대 (Girls Generation)

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Ooh La-La!

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Baby Baby

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Kissing You

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그대를 부르면 (Tears)

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7989 (Feat. 강타)

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Honey (소원)

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다시 만난 세계

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